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Property Tax Increase January 4, 2008

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Mike Saccone has a blurb on how Rep. Bernie Buescher, D-Grand Junction will attempt to defend the mill levy tax increase to voters next year.

He is going to play dumb:

Buescher said he knew the measure would prevent school district tax rates from falling in Mesa County, but he had no idea how severe it would be: “It would have been a harder vote if I had realized how much valuation was going to increase in Mesa County. But we didn’t have that number.”

By now, every legislator in the state should have figured out that the legislative council underestimates new tax revenues by a factor of 3.  10 billion vs 3.5 billion for Ref C. 

The Colorado Legislative Council’s estimates of the bill’s total impact during the current tax cycle increased from $48.2 million in April to $122.8 million in December.

Legislators may play dumb, or they may think voters are dumb.   Bill Ritter has announced that there will be a tax increase on the ballot in 2008.  He is just not sure which one.  Care to bet that Bernie Buescher votes for it?  Care to bet that its proceeds will be underestimated by one third, again?



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