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Another Day, Another Carbon Tax January 11, 2008

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The left has figured out a method to raise taxes:

1.  Define something as a sin.  Smoking, Alcohol, Carbon.

2.  Come up with a new guilt tax and a way to spend it outside Government channels, claiming that it is “revenue neutral.”  The favored constituiency that receives these funds is never the constituiency that is paying the taxes.

3.  Put it on the ballot and hope it passes.

4.  Let an election cycle or two pass and repeat.

Colorado Confidential announced that the Carbon Tax Center is in the process of putting an issue on the ballot this year that supposedly will cost each household $42 a year.  These do gooders have supposedly done polling and found Coloradoans willing to pay this tax:

The group conducted a statewide poll on the proposals, the results of which will be released later this month. But McKinnon, a professor at the Colorado School of Mines, said that the data show support for the project among nearly all age and party groups.

They give away their game with the following comment

That is why the two “return” approaches discussed above — carbon dividends or tax-shifting — can turn the carbon tax into a progressive tax. Because income and energy consumption are strongly correlated, most poor households will get more back in carbon dividends than they will pay in the carbon tax. The overall effect of a carbon tax-shift could be equitable and perhaps even “progressive” (benefiting lower-earning households).

Carbon Taxes are a poorly disguised income redistribution scheme, and nothing else.