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Never Owned a Business – Part 3 December 31, 2007

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Rep Dianne Primivera wrote Improving the lives of middle class Coloradans.

It is quite apparent from her essay that Rep Dianne Primivera either doesn’t have the knowledge to be a state legislator or that she thinks voters lack the native intelligence to understand the depth of her deception.  Neither premise is appealing.

After having proposed an agenda that will raise taxes on Colorado citizens by at least 2 billion while claiming it won’t raise taxes at all, she wants full credit for cutting a single million dollars in business taxes.

If you’re a small business owner, you have enough to worry about without an overly complicated tax code. I will co-sponsor legislation that gives over 30,000 small businesses much-needed tax relief by raising the business personal property tax exemption from $2,500 to $7,000. We will also streamline the tax code so business owners pay taxes based on sales only, instead of navigating a complicated formula.

There are very few businesses which have start up costs for personal property of $7,000 or less.  Lawyers and accountants may benefit from this as they need only a computer, a desk and chair, and some office furnishings.  Anyone who has a real business with real requirements for store fixtures, point of sale software, or mechanized equipment will quickly exceed the $7,000.  We wonder if the Representative has ever owned a business, or known someone who has.

Because we are cynical, we would guess that the state has figured out that the cost of administering and collecting personal property taxes on really small businesses exceeds the revenue generated by those taxes.   Note that if a business has personal property of more than $7,000, it still pays taxes on the whole amount. 

The formula Rep. Primivera refers to is automated and allows for equipment depreciation.  The formula is applied by the taxing agency each year based on changes in equipment reported by the business.  A small businessman never sees or works with that formula, so this bill doesn’t cut down on paperwork.   

In short, this “tax cut” that she is trumpeting generates so little net revenue (and may result in negative net revenue) that it is a nuisance even to the tax collectors.  She has doubtless been told this, but wants credit for something she isn’t really willing to do – cut taxes.

Her essay is so misleading that we would call her a willing part of the Big Blue Lie Machine.   Integrity does not seem to be one of Rep Dianne Primivera’s strong points. 

Part 1 and part 2 of this essay are linked.


Better Living Through Higher Taxes – Part 2 December 30, 2007

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Rep Dianne Primivera wrote Improving the lives of middle class Coloradans. 

She has come up with a new trick.  She is going to spend a billion dollars without raising taxes.  Care to bet?

There is no more important time in a child’s education than the earliest years. Along with Governor Ritter, we plan to give our kids a smart start by making early childhood education available to every 4- and 5-year-old in the state.

If 12 years of education cost’s X dollars in each school district, is there any reason why 14 years of education won’t cost 17% more?  Of course, the legislature won’t raise taxes.  They will force local school districts to do so.

Now for the biggest magic act of all:

The Building Excellent Schools Today – or BEST -program will leverage $1 billion to repair and rebuild crumbling schools without raising taxes.

We guess that since Ref C there is a spare billion dollars laying around the Capitol.  Maybe we can get some of it spent on roads.  If this woman wants to claim that all of this can be accomplished without raising taxes, why did she vote for a tax increase in the guise of a property tax freeze?

She Wants to “Improve Our Lives” Part 1 December 29, 2007

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In what might be one of the boldest and most misleading essays ever written on tax and spending, Improving the lives of middle class Coloradans, Colorado State Rep Dianne Primivera (D-Broomfield) promises more intrusive government and pretends that no one will pay the costs.

 This legislative session I’m committed to expanding access to health care; limiting the financial burden placed on individuals, families and employers; and putting a premium on personal responsibility and prevention. I will work to hold insurance companies accountable for their rates and make sure that hospital charges are clear and transparent.

Yes, all of our health care costs can be blamed on the nasty old health insurance companies.  Last year, the Democrats in the legislature were unhappy that the the major malpractice insurer in the state was keeping costs down by fighting bogus lawsuits.  Their solution:  they wanted to make it more difficult for that insurer to fight lawsuits through regulation. 

Primivera can’t have it both ways, but tries.  Not once does this essay mention the massive tax increases on the middle class that will be required to pay for what has proven in other nations to be a broken health care system.  Socialized medicine simply doesn’t work, but the taxes needed to support it are oppressive. 

Dianne Primivera’s motto is more government, more expenditures, more lawsuits, and more taxes, but she will take no responsibility for her own actions.  Indeed, she wants to “improve our lives.”

We like short essays, so this is part one, with more parts to follow.