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Another Democrat, Another Tax November 27, 2007

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Rep. Claire Levy has a problem.  She got involved with what people in Boulder are calling a legalized land grab by her campaign’s treasurer.  If she had kept quiet, the scandal might have passed her by.  She didn’t keep quiet, and now she is in damage control mode.

Now, in what appears (to the commenters on the link we provide) to be a diversionary tactic, she has announced the intention to create a new tax for a pet project.

The problem for Levy is that the transportation blue ribbon panel has already laid claim to this particular tax, but it is nice to see that she is always thinking of new (to her) ways to separate taxpayers from their money.

Of course, the biggest taxer in the state is our friend Bill Ritter.  One of the best in depth analysis of Ritter’s spending plans on transportation that we have seen is by Morgan Liddick at Summit Daily News:

Pretty soon we’re going to be talking about real money here. By the way, this new tax is intended to replace the revenue stream currently provided by Senate Bill 1 of 1997 and House Bill 1310 of 2002, which provided CDOT with $272 million this year.

Apparently, this funding mechanism had the fatal flaw of being sensitive to the state’s economic condition; during the last recession, funds tapered off as growth slowed. Rest assured, the new tax won’t let that happen again.

And the $272 million which will probably be raised by the old mechanism next year? If you believe that will be counted as part of the billion buck boost, well … that’s just cute. Credulous, but cute. Instead, it will reportedly be transferred to the higher education segment of the budget, together with the $59 million of “new money” — remember the code — that Governor Ritter has already requested.